Family-Owned Company Founded in 1967

Charlie & Sons Electric is a family owned electrical construction business based in Moorhead, Fargo and Surrounding areas. Charlie Johnson founded the company as Electric Motor & Construction in September 1967. The focus at the time was electric motor repair, grain elevator wiring, street lighting projects, and residential home wiring. Around 1970, the company became part of a 150 new home projects that came about from the devastation of the Fargo tornado of 1957. Between 1972 and 1977, Charlie Johnson’s sons became part of the company.
Lutheran Church of the God
Church Construction Moorhead
Parking Lot Six Cars

Great Service Across Generations

In 1984, the company closed its motor repair shop and its focus shifted to commercial construction with our new name, Charlie & Sons Electric, Inc. Sadly, Charlie passed away in 2002. Charlie’s sons Steven Johnson, President, and Jim Johnson, Vice President, continue to carry the business forward.

Over Four Decades of Service

For close to 50 years, Charlie & Sons Electric has worked in over 130 cities and has extensive experience in commercial, residential, agricultural, industrial, grain elevators, and farmstead wiring. Providing quality electrical solutions is our passion. We take pride in our superb workmanship and do our best to meet your standards and expectations. To learn more about our company and services we offer, call us at (218) 233-1519.